How Sogro grew to $1,000,000 in revenue.

Steady gains over big risks.

Aaron is an entrepreneur whose investment in himself paid off.

Sogro is a Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest marketing service by Aaron Irmas from Santa Monica. The service helps companies get more followers and fans.

Aaron knew his marketing service, which connected people through hashtags, definitely had potential. Because of this, he first focused on validating the idea with a quickly made website. Though successful in getting customers, eventually Aaron’s website began holding them back.

He initially reached out to Pixelswithin for help with migrating the users from a defunct backend service to WordPress. We noticed the design problem as well and offered to help in that area. Aaron agreed.

The problem?

Sogro’s website did not inspire trust. An effective website is important for any business, but especially so for SaaS companies. Sogro’s design was hard for users to understand, including (and worst of all) the pricing page. What’s more, it featured huge walls of text explaining the service technically but with no clear audience in mind.

How I helped.

#1. Style

I iterated through several options to find the style that worked best for Sogro.


#2. Content

I wrote the content on their site to tell a story—both theirs and the audience’s. 

#3. Website

I built the website in WordPress, the most popular website management system.

What I delivered.

“Show me the design!”

The logo.

Sogro’s logo is friendly, simple and professional.


By sticking to the standard with WordPress, Sogro was able to use integrations from top services. That means he is able to add email subscription signup forms, new landing pages, and more, without waiting on us or another web developer.

Marketing materials.

I created a range of marketing materials for Sogro with their new visual brand identity, including case study lead magnets.

How it ends.

After the redesign, Sogro raised their prices from $29 a month to $39 a month. Simultaneously there was a conversion rate increase from 4% to 10%. By putting focus on bettering their brand, web, and UX design, Sogro was able to grow their monthly recurring revenue by over 150% with a flick of switch. They also achieved $1,000,000 in revenue in one year. Aaron eventually sold the business, which grew to be a much more valuable and appealing asset thanks to design strategy.

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