How promote your business without being pushy

August 13, 2020

Lemme give you a little framework for promoting your business online without being pushy about it.

Firstly, recognize that you’re normal. Nobody wants to be pushy, not even aggressive salespeople.

The aggressiveness, aka being salesy, superficial, boring, uninspired, disconnected, etc, is in fact a symptom of ANXIETY, YIKES.

😥 Being overbearing is just being nervous.

When you don’t know what to say, you slip into this role you think is acceptable. One you saw on TV.

Because what’s the alternative? Being vulnerable online? In this economy? No, thank you 😬

But look closer, and you can see the actual kink in the works.

You’re centering yourself with your sales pitch. Your online presence should be about helping others.

People who work through a fear of public speaking often speak to something similar.

They say they manage their fear and anxiety by reminding themselves that if they continue holding their knowledge to themselves, it would actually be selfish. So they buck up.

How to sell without being salesy!

I call this framework for selling without being pushy… PROXY.

Here’s what it stands for.

1. P stands for PAIN.

Know Your Team promotes their software with this strategy.

You know how when you stub your toe, it takes up 100% of your attention for what feels like a LONG TIME?

That’s how your audience is with the thing you have the solution to.

What’s taking up their brain space?

Think and speak from that perspective not the “solutions provider” perspective. (Often this means you have to slow way down and take things in smaller steps. Sounds like fodder for a company blog 🧐)

2. R stands for RELATIONSHIPS.

Teardwn speaks only to people who their message resonates with, and they don’t bother with the rest.

Focus on building relationships online, not putting out broadcasts like we’re in the 1940s. When you post something, have at least one person in mind who would LOVE it rather than hoping 10 people will like it.

3. O stands for OF ASSISTANCE.

Brendan Hufford demonstrates he can help right away.

Is what you are sharing actually helpful? Would anyone miss it if it was gone?

Did you know your company name and logo is NOT helpful? In fact, the more you use your own name, the lower your close rate becomes. (Source)

4. XY stands for the XY STORY FORMULA.

Patagonia tells the “dam truth” as a story well.

This story formula comes from multipassionate career consultant Jessica Abel.

The best brands tell a story. Nike’s stuff costs $5 to produce but they can sell it at a high markup because of the story they put out there.

Here’s how you use the formula. Fill in the blanks:

  1. “This post, book, design, whatever is telling a story about X. (X being a subject like topic or conflict, NOT a character.)
  2. …And it’s interesting, because Y. (Y being something surprising or unexpected.)

Boom. Now you’re cooking with peanut oil—promote yourself online and don’t worry about being too salesy.

About Amí Naeily

About Amí Naeily

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