How To Brand You

Product Design Case Study

How HTBY started.

A real exercise that caught on.

During my time as a freelance brand & marketing website designer, I developed a practice of verifying “target” words for a brand. Whether they wanted to be “efficient” or “luxurious” made a big difference in visual design, as well as in copywriting.

It was through this practice that I developed a brand voice exercise that was a PDF with a grid of adjectives. I asked clients to print out the sheet and circle any words that appealed to them as a brand and cross out any that really didn’t.

Enough clients loved the practice, plus my blog post on the subject ranked high in Google, so I thought there must be a need for this, and that’s when I set out to make it an interactive quiz, a SaaS.


Our place in the grand scheme of things.

Who are the users?

Target customers for this product were copywriting, marketing & design agencies, as well as coaches and consultants. Throughout the web, these customers use their brand voice reports as jumping off point for their graphic and web designers.

The design, and its brand voice report

How the app works.

Pick your focus through words.

The app has one, simple flow: enter company name and pick some words. At the end you get a brand voice report with details on each word, and your Jungian personality archetype, a framework which is often used for brand voice definition.

How I designed the web app.

The app was designed in 3 steps:

Step 1.

Test out the original idea against real brand identity design clients.

Step 2.

Make an easy-to-use and pleasant interactive quiz.

Step 3.

Put it out into the real world. Below you can see that the tool generated revenue, spiking when featured on ProductHunt.


Making something people want.

Designing HTBY has been a great experience because it taught me about validating ideas before jumping into code. I don’t think I would have gotten to the final result if not for years developing the simple brand exercise.