How Global Arts found their voice.

Want to change the world? You need confidence first.

We meet our heroes tired and uninspired.

Global Arts is an organization that provides music education and educator workshops to underserved communities in Downtown Los Angeles.

Emily Kubitskey, their CEO, reached out to Pixelswithin for website help. They were tired of looking inconsistent and unprofessional. They were also just not inspired by their existing look.

By talking out the issues with their website, we found that a rebrand before the website redesign would be the key move to create a cohesive corporate identity.

The problem?

When it came to their design and website, Global Arts just didn’t know. They didn’t know what they were supposed to do or how to do it. They didn’t know exactly how their website was supposed to help them, but they knew it wasn’t doing it now.

How I helped.


#1. Voice

I defined their natural voice and created unequivocal guidelines for keeping it consistent and appropriate for their audience, which includes ESL parents and guardians.

#2. Graphics

We made an easily extendable design system not only with their category—children’s music education—in mind but also their unique mission and vision.

#3. Website

Global Arts has an easy time managing content and adding features (such as translations) on their new WordPress website, optimized to tell their story and get signups.

What I delivered.

“Show me the design!”

The logo.

Global Arts’ logo is friendly, simple and professional.

What it stands for.


Featuring Global Art’s name spelled out as minimalist shapes that are all wildly different yet in sync.


7 bright primary colors are used to let people know about their artistic nature right away.


The sharp edges of the logo are never rounded—they communicate the stable personality people expect.

Brand elements.

Typography system, with a professional and playful (yet not trivial) look and feel.

Typography system.

Typography system, with a professional and playful (yet not trivial) look and feel.

Color scheme.

Perfect color scheme for their brand and audience optimized for contrast and accessibility.

Graphic system.

System featuring big, medium & small circles documented to be replicated easily.


Now it begins.

By branding their business and optimizing their website, Global Arts gained confidence in their efforts. Now they can get better results from their Facebook, Instagram, word of mouth with less effort, thanks to the graphics and voice that appeal to the people they help, seemingly effortlessly. This frees them up to develop their music programs and educational workshops, which is the most important thing and how they will make a difference in the world.

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