How Breathe Baby Organics was born.

Love and duty transcends words.

Organic cosmetics for mother and child.

Breathe Baby Organics was founded by Malika Sylla in Chicago with the mission of making organic and effective skin care without harsh chemical aids accessible for young mothers of color.

Malika reached out to Pixelswithin because she had a strong vision for her new online community and needed help executing on it.

Since Malika is competing with corporations, she knew a cohesive brand would be the key to gaining an audience that trusts her and her products.

The problem?

Breathe Baby has an amazing story that starts with the founder, her baby & a worrying face rash, and continues onto professional product development. But maybe you caught this: it’s kinda wordy. On platforms Breathe Baby will advertise on, every millisecond counts. Images process faster than words so the company needed visuals in their arsenal.

How I helped.

#1. Style

I defined Breathe Baby’s personality and values, staying true to their purpose.


#2. Content

In addition to designing a logo, I provided complete visual guidelines.


#3. Scalability

I delivered a flexible branded color system for new & current product lines.

What I delivered.

“Show me the design!”

The logo.

Breathe Baby Organics’ logo is friendly, simple and professional.

What it stands for.

Peace, care & protection are represented by breath, a mother & child, and the logo’s silhouette.

Brand elements.

Typography system.

Typography system, with a youthful, modern, and sweet look and feel.

Color scheme.

Perfect color scheme for their brand and audience optimized for contrast and accessibility.

Photography treatment.

Photography system and filter documented to be replicated easily.

What’s next?

Breathe Baby has all the pieces needed for their website and marketing efforts, documented clearly in a comprehensive brand guide. Thanks to design strategy, any new design that comes from the company will be plug and play, and what’s more: effective, consistent, and reliable. Design saves them time so Breathe Baby can focus on product development.

Do you need this kind of help?

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